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When Seventh Heaven Fiji was created we always intended to improve our beautiful environment. Now we are completely operational and located in the vicinity of Nuku Reef in the beautiful Mamanuku Island Group. We are carbon neutral and use only recycled and recyclable product where possible. Powered by solar panels there was only one (big) project left to undertake!

Seventh Heaven is proud to announce our affiliation with Fiji’s largest coral planting organisation with ADE (Aquaculture Development for the Environment).

ADE was selected as our partner due to the organisation's extensive track record in coral planting and maintenance. ADE is a non-profit organisation and endorsed by the Ministry of Fisheries in Fiji

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What are our joint initiatives?

  • ADE’s goal is to plant over one million new corals over the next few years in the Fijian waters and Seventh Heaven’s commitment will help to achieve this goal.

  • Seventh Heaven will focus on our surrounding waters. Our aim is quite simple: To make a positive ecological difference!

  • On the 18th of August 2022, Seventh Heaven and ADE commenced the planting of 14,000 corals around the western side of Nuku Reef (see our blog) near our Seventh Heaven location to improve the coral diversity and quality in the area.

  • Over many years the coral has been reducing in both quantity and size. Coral bleaching, climate change and skippers anchoring in the wrong place causing the most destruction amongst our coral gardens.





We have a Big Goal and we will achieve it!

Together with ADE, Seventh Heaven will plant over 14,000 new corals within the next 12 months. We will post updates regularly with images to show how the coral gardens are growing, improving and eventually flourishing.

Last but not least we would love your involvement!, Next time you visit Seventh Heaven join our guided Coral Planting Tour. You can even plant some coral yourself!

For more information visit the ADE website by clicking the link below.

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